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Marriage and Immigration, Oh My!

Weddings and Immigration
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Hi and welcome to immigration_wed. This community was started by, and is moderated by amillionfaces and geminigirl to provide support, and sometimes information about weddings where one of the participants is or will be immigrating. It's a community for people who are marrying, or have already married and dealing with the immigration process. It's a place for support, advice, rants, and suggetions and joy. (We hope, for example, that your process will be painless and short.)

Please remember that unless someone clearly states that he or she is an attorney, any advice you recieve may not be from legal experts, and treat that information as such. We strongly suggest that you check everything out with people who are well versed in the legal requirements for immigrating to the country you (or your partner) plan to end up in.

What this community isn't: a place to talk all about how you can't find the perfect shoes for your wedding...there are tons of other good wedding planning communities on Livejournal; the three of us found each other in weddingplans. It's also not a place to post quizzes or quiz results. Quizes, while fun, really belong in your personal journal. This is also not a place for advertising your wares - again, there are a ton of other wedding planning communities geared towards the "wedding" part of your journey.

We ask that when you join us, you tell us a bit about yourself. We suggest the following, but feel free to share additional information.

Name (or LJ Username):
Partner's name:
What country are you from:
What country is your partner from:
Who's going where (immigration wise):
Anticipated Wedding Date:
Anything you want to tell us about your visa status or type:
What's your story?

You can see our member's introductory posts here.

Any questions, you can e-mail the mods at immigration_wed@yahoo.com. We're happy to help out. Welcome to the community!